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Petty Richard, E. (1986). Migraine & headaches: treating the whole person. London, Unwin.

Peyton, P. J. (1992). Complications of continuous spinal anaesthesia.

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Quane, T. (1976). The heart problem: how to prevent cancer, coronary artery disease, migraine and stroke. Dublin, The O'Brien Press.

Raj, P. P. and P. World Institute of (2000). Current review of pain. Philadelphia, PA, Current Science Inc.

Ramadan, N. M. (1993). Migrainous infarction: the Charcot-Fere syndrome?.

Rapoport Alan, M. and D. Sheftell Fred (1993). Headache: a clinician's guide to diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment strategies. Costa Mesa, Calif., PMA.

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Rapoport, A. M. and F. D. Sheftell (1998). Conquering headache: an illustrated guide to understanding the treatment and control of headache. Hamilton, Ont., Empowering Press.

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Rawlings, C. E. and E. Rossitch (1994). The history of trephination in Africa with a discussion of its current status and continuing practice.

Raza, N. (2000). The biochemistry of migraine: investigation of systems involving 5-hydroxytryptamine and magnesium, Kingston University.

Read Simon, J. (2001). Free radical pathophysiology in migraine, University of Herfordshire.

Redfearn, A. (2005). Migraine: take control of your health naturally. London, Gaia.

Reilly, T. F. (1926). Headache: its causes and treatment. Philadelphia, P. Blakiston's son & co.

Rejaunier, J. and D. Fox (2000). The complete idiot's guide to migraines and other headaches. Indianapolis, Ind.; [Great Britain], Alpha Books.

Relaxation for, L. (1979). So you, too, have migraine?. Walton-on-Thames, Relaxation for Living.

Reni, G. (1791). Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist.

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Rose, F. C. (1988). The management of headache. New York, Raven Press.

Rose, F. C. (1995). The history of migraine from Mesopotamian to medieval times.

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